For 25 years Anderson Physical Therapy has been providing excellent physical therapy services and the highest patient satisfaction to sufferers of injuries or people living chronic issues such as Parkinson's or arthritis.
Established in 1986, Anderson Physical Therapy has been providing physical therapy services to the South Shore Massachusetts area for 25 years and continues to treat patients with issues ranging from chronic arthritis to post-surgery recovery.
Anderson Physical Therapy happily treats all kinds of patients, including but not limited to those recovering from surgeries and injuries or those dealing with chronic conditions like back pain, stroke, whiplash, vascular problems, or vestibular disorders.
For 25 years Anderson Physical Therapy has been providing patients with great results using techniques such as pool therapy, hot stone massages, healing massages, swedish/relaxation massages, and deep tissue massages.
Anderson Physical Therapy on the South Shore of Massachusetts accepts most major insurance policies, and will work with you to make sure you get the care you need for your injury or condition.
The talented and personable staff at Anderson Physical Therapy can help you get through sprains, strains or whiplash injuries and to find a way to make your arthritis bearable.
FOTO (Focus On Therapeutic Outcomes), the #1 ranked rehabilitation outcomes company, has recognized Anderson Physical Therapy time and again for excellent therapy results and overall patient satisfaction.
At Anderson Physical Therapy, we'll be more than happy to learn your unique issue and our American Physical Therapy Association certified therapists will find a way to make you feel better!
In addition to the therapy services Anderson Physical Therapy provides, our patients also have access to Healthtrax – a complete fitness center – while they are receiving medical care and treatment from us.

Karen Anderson, Med, PT is a graduate of Boston-Bouve College at Northeastern University and has 27 years experience in private practice and over 40 years practicing physical therapy.

Amanda Goodale, MSPT is a cum laude graduate of Boston University and has 13 years practicing physical therapy. She is a lymphedema specialist.

Brett Lynch, PT, MPT, CSCS is a graduate of American International College and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He has 13 years of experience in an outpatient physical therapy setting.


If you're suffering from a vestibular disorder, have gait instability, are living with Parkinson's, or have suffered a stroke then let the trusted staff of certified therapists at Anderson Physical Therapy help you!

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Anderson Physical Therapy in Southeastern Massachusetts has received several commendations from Focus of Therapeutic Outcomes because we produce impressive results while always putting the patient first.